New System In Place

Cityfeeds has now instituted its new system, which should result it more uptime, faster-loading pages, and an easier-to-read site. If you notice anything weird, please add a comment.


2 Responses to “New System In Place”

  1. fact mammal Says:

    The main thing i’m enjoying while reading your blog is the way you write, you are a really charismatic person and your posts are wonderful, keep it up!

  2. christinaburris563 Says:

    You are wrong about evolution– yet even if you were right about it; in all your reasoning youu2019re forgetting one single yet vital thing: I.D. is bogus. Why would you want to teach a bad theory in science class? I think schools are about intellectual excellence, you? Evolution has been extensively proven time after time, read up on it– yet even if this were not so, it would be the best theory out there yet developed. It was when Darwin published his u201cOn The Origins Of Species,u201d when it was as yet not proven solidly (as a matter of fact he was mistaken or flat out wrong in some places). I submit that it would be better to teach this theory of natural selection than it would be to teach creationism, intelligent designu2026 or palingenesis. Or Erich von Du00e4niken. Whatu2019s more: all this u201ccabalu201d stuff reeks of conspiracy theory.nItu2019s true that the science community is somewhat cliquish u2013 lo, and behold!, I actually agree with that u2013 for example, itu2019s pretty hard for an autodidact to join in the game, and there are numerous examples of scientists being shunned by their peers for being too outlandish. However, good theories have always caught on eventually, no matter the resistance any mainstream scientific clique might have put up. However, by far most of the time in history, when “the clique” expelled scientists, it was for the simple reason that the poor scientists in question were WRONG. Their theories were bad, their tests were bad and their evidence was bad. This was the case with creationism, as it was the case with Intelligent Design. Click

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